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Coach| Mentor| Speaker

Trish Does...

Patricia Reed is an Achology Certified Life Coach and Mentor who has been educated and empowered to monitor your blindside. In a world full of calamity and secrets, having a coach to call the plays and provide wise and effective counsel is necessary. Patricia is also a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization, Health A Sista Out. Dubbed HASO, this organization is missioned to overcome social anxiety in Women of Color one event and one sista at a time. Patricia is affectionately known as Mz Hija de Jimenez across social media platforms and her daily inspirational vlogs and blogs have been life changing to her global following.

Trish Is...

I am Trish. This lifetime nickname is the name that represents every stage of my journey to excellence, including the trauma and pain. Here, I step into my higher calling which is to push You into power and purpose via online and in-person life and mindset coaching, organized empowerment events, and inspirational speaking engagements. I have overcome the bondage of childhood sexual abuse, being married to someone who also suffered childhood trauma, and losing both my parents nine months apart, by deciding I would no longer play the victim of my circumstances. My life has been filled with pain and anger and I projected those feelings onto others. I am a strong believer in Christ, I know that if I am to see my parents again, I must be vigilant in LOVE and PURPOSE. So here I am, sharing both with you. I am Hija de Jim-e-nez,” Spanish for proud daughter of the late Jimmy and Inez. This alias is my constant reminder to be the woman of integrity my parents raised me to be. I am a loving wife to Chris and mom to ShaMaya, Kristen, and Treasure. Bonus mom to Tichina, Cedrix, and Isaiah. My whole life was necessary!





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