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You truly are stronger than you think. Your workout just needs a little tweaking. Each time you’ve jumped a hurdle or crossed an obstacle you gained incredible strength. There’s a blessing in every lesson. Tap into YOU. You are full of potential.


Change begins with YOU. One thing for sure and too for certain, your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. This journey isn’t about forgetting your past. I’m going to help you use your past to propel yourself into a rewarding future filled with love, happiness, peace, prosperity, and success.

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With each scroll down this introduction, you’ve made progress. Don’t stop here! You’ve already started the journey. It began when you made a conscious decision to move forward with self-development and spiritual renewal. Grab my hand. Trust Me. I got you. Let’s do the work.

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You were detoured and delayed... but not denied. Your plight did not determine your flight. Your tour was not canceled, it was simply rescheduled.  ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE TAKEOFF? That emptiness you feel is triggered by dissatisfaction. You know more than anyone that you can achieve greatness. What and where do you have in mind? Now remember, to choose your new destination, you have to know where you’ve already been. Else, we may end up right back in the same place. You ready? Mount Up!!! We’re moving into your new season.


Let’s be clear… your purpose is so much greater than you. It was specifically designed so that others may see your light and do good work.  See, your light is useless if other people can’t see it. You are not truly walking in your purpose until the people within your reach are reaping the benefits. No, your purpose was not created for you, it was created for you to be a blessing to those you encounter; and in order to reach other’s…you must SHOW UP!

Show Up 

What’s holding you back? Is it your past or fear of the future? Are you afraid of what you’re capable of or are you afraid you’ll fail? Who told you you’re not built for this? Was it you? Are you standing in your own way? You can do this! I know you can because I did. I had to realize I was my biggest obstacle. I could do everything in the world for everyone else, but it was too much of a hassle to do the work for Me. “I don’t have the time and energy because I’m too busy fixing everybody else” was my favorite phrase? What’s yours? We’ll figure that out. The only thing standing between you and your breakthrough, is your finger. Come on... book our trip. Take the journey with me.


Travel With Trish

One-On-One mentoring journey mapped out specifically for you and guided by me. Remember, change begins with you. When you’re ready to break the chains that have you bound, book Our Reservations.

Group of Friends

Girl's or Guy's Trip

This one is for group bookings for two or more. Sometimes we do very well with self-progression but have the hardest time interacting and collaborating efficiently with others. In order to book this trip, each traveler must have a clear self-concept. On this journey, we learn how we add value to others and identify the value they add to us. When All of you are ready, book your Group Reservations.

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Trip For Two

Couples Trip! And the two became one. It’s not easy learning to live as one, is it? I should know…I’ve been married twice, both times to the same man. Some love partners spend a plethora of years together, never mastering the art of true unity. Many have lost their individuality in the mixture of life. When you BOTH are ready to redefine yourselves individually and unified, book your Reservation For Two.

Take Your First Step Into Purpose

Do you have 10 minutes to chat? Schedule your complimentary consultation.

Bring everything you have. Carry-ons allowed. I’m going to help you unpack. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Come as you are, you’re going to change anyway remember. Be brave! Are you ready for your customized journey, driven by your purpose? LET’S GO!

Let's Hit The Trails

Explorative Session

My life coaching program was designed to help you navigate your Journey to Excellence. This journey has nothing to do with perfection, but everything to do with personal and group growth and development. My goal is to help you grow in the areas of self-concept, self-love, and self-acceptance so YOU CAN unleash your greatest potential.  It’s for individuals and groups who are no longer comfortable being stagnant. There is great focus on mindset and mindfulness. What are you thinking and how do you feel? What’s binding you? In order to progress we must identify what or where we want to rise above. There must be a positive upward shift. I tell you it’s been life changing for me, I will never ever be BOUND again. I dare you to Choose Excellence with me. We’re on the hunt for POTENTIAL, book your 45-Minute Explorative Session Today.



Let me start by saying that getting to know Trish is really like learning new ways to get to know myself. I was developing some debilitating social anxiety. There are relationships that just died, not because I didn’t want them, but because fear was stopping me from nurturing the relationships like I should. Each and every way that I could let her on she came through and encouraged me to live up the the potential that God had given me. I don’t know if I’m more happy about the destination or the journey with Trish. I’m just so happy she convinced me to not waste today worrying about tomorrow.



Join me and my friends every Tuesday night as we tackle those uncomfortable conversations that are necessary for growth, healing, and maximizing purpose.

Every topic is connected to mental health.


Let's Grow!!!

Congratulations. Do you feel that? You feeling a little queasy too? Put your seat in the upright position. Be still! The fasten your seatbelt light is on! Take a minute to appreciate every pain and every struggle along your journey. Reflect on the people who supported you along the way and those who allowed you to practice your craft when everyone else thought it was just a little hobby. You ran into some turbulence, but you did not crash. You had some long layovers and you missed some flights, but you are still on time for arrival!!! Prepare to land in greatness. The time is now and the weather is clear and sunny. Don’t take your “right now” for granted. Don’t let people who don’t see your big vision put you in their “little” box. God will turn your “little”  talent that started in your “little” room into a global calling. Let’s grow! 

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Your Desire to Change Must be Greater Than Your Desire to Stay the Same


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